Using NPM

Clarkson Theme uses NPM to manage front-end packages. An extended explanation about how to use NPM to install packages can be found here on the NPM website

Here’s a quick example of install step of Headroom.js:

1. Install package

# from the /development directory
npm install headroom.js --save

Now it will be available within development/node_modules/headroom.js/.

Overview of node_modules directory of Headroom.js

2. Add to manifest.json

We choose to manually add this to the source/manifest.json instead of using an automated assets-builder which was another thing to learn. This way Gulp will pick it up while combining all the JavaScript files.

So look up your /source/manifest.json and find the "type": "js" index and add the path to the Headroom.js file you want to include. Now re-start your gulp command.

    "type": "js",
    "name": "main.js",
    "globs": [