WordPress objects

Clarkson ships with a set of PHP classes that represent the available WordPress data types:

The main Clarkson Object class represents WP_Post and has the post_type : post. This class looks like WP_Post, but with some more handy stuff.

Then there is the Clarkson Term class which represents WP_Term.

And a Clarkson User class that represent WP_User.

Implementing your own custom WordPress objects

You can implement and overwrite all classes with your own custom objects

Filenaming convention

Because we can’t initialize a PHP class that has a minus within it’s name, we have to sanitize the class names:

  • non-alpha and non-numeric characters become underscores _.
  • String to lowercase is require by WordPress post-type naming convention
  • Minus - becomes underscores _

CPT ll-company becomes => wordpress-objects/ll_company.php and internaly gets initialized like new ll_company();.

Loading priority

  • Version 0.2.0 = SPL Autoloaded via Composer.
  • Version 0.1.0 = Alpabetic via glob.


We would like to thank HumanMade for the initial code of the WordPress objects.