Twig templating

Template Hierarchy

Uses the internal Template Hierarchy so index.php will become index.twig or archive-company.php with archive-company.twig, and still have all Posts or Custom Post Types available in objects variable a.k.a. “all the posts from The Loop”.

Custom templates

If you would like to create a custom page template then create a file that is prefixed with template-, so it will become template-headquarter.twig. This template can be selected through the regular Page template dropdown.

With each custom template you can create a custom WordPress Object that get’s loaded on that specific page.

Register a custom template for Custom Post Types Since 0.2.1

If you would like to make a custom template available for a Custom Post Type (WP 4.7) then you will have to register this specific post type via the clarkson_core_templates_types_for_%TEMPLATE_NAME.twig%.

add_filter('clarkson_core_templates_types_for_template-headquarter.twig', function( $post_types ){
    $post_types[] = 'company';
    return $post_types;

Deprecated page-xyz.twig

When having WP_DEBUG enable this will trigger a deprecated warning. To disable this warning use to following filter:

 add_filter('clarkson_core_deprecated_warning_page_template', '__return_false');