There are 2 posiblities to install Clarkson Core into your mu-plugins.

Remember as with all Must Use plugins, you still need to load Clarkson yourself.

A. Quick download

Download   the latest stable .zip and place it within your mu-plugins directory.

Then load Clarkson Core as mu-plugin.

B. Install via Composer

Clarkson is available on Packagist.

1. Require composer/installers

composer require composer/installers

2. Require Clarkson Core

composer require level-level/clarkson-core

It’s labeled as a mu-plugin so it will be installed there.

Keep in mind that there a multiple ways of user Composer and WordPress.

If you want to learn more about using Composer with WordPress then please check out this website or

* Loading Clarkson-Core as a Must Use plugin

As with all Must Use plugins in the wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory one needs to load them manually or use a mu-plugin autoloader.

<?php // wp-content/mu-plugins/load.php
require WPMU_PLUGIN_DIR.'/clarkson-core/clarkson-core.php';

Now go and have fun 🎉