Yes, Clarkson Core 0.3.0 has been released! 0.3.0 contains new functionality and some small bug fixes. It also has been completely checked with the WordPress PHP Coding Standards!

These are the two new features that landed in this release:

Custom Template Objects

When using a custom template Clarkson Core automaticly loads a corresponding custom WordPress Object. So if your template is called template-headquarter.twig then within it will load wordpress-objects/template_headquarter.php into the object variable instead of the default Clarkson Object.

class template_headquarter extends Clarkson_Object {

WordPress Object per User role

When Clarkson retreives a User object, it will check if there is a custom WordPress Object available based on the current user_role of the current User. So if you are logged in as an Administrator it will use the wordpress-objects/user_administrator.php class when calling object->get_author();.

class user_administrator extends Clarkson_User {

Coding Standards

Further more, Rian Rietveld checked and corrected the whole plugin to comply with the WordPress Coding Standards!


  • You can now load a custom user object from a child-them. #106.
  • Made get_home_url, single_post_title, esc_html__, esc_html_x, esc_html_e, esc_attr_x, translate_nooped_plural, _nx_noop, _n_noop, _ngettext WordPress functions available from Twig template #87.
  • Add extra check if Clarkson_Core_Autoloader exists #111.
  • Custom template object #101.
  • Don’t use deprecated object creation internaly in Clarkson Core #91.
  • Return proper custom Term Object when custom taxonomy is defined with dashes #109.
  • Allows the theme to override object creation #131.

See all the closed issues on Github consult the list of changes.