These are the two new features that landed in this release:

Custom Template Objects

When using a custom template Clarkson Core automaticly loads a corresponding custom WordPress Object. So if your template is called template-headquarter.twig then within it will load wordpress-objects/template_headquarter.php into the object variable instead of the default Clarkson Object.

class template_headquarter extends Clarkson_Object {

WordPress Object per User role

When Clarkson retreives a User object, it will check if there is a custom WordPress Object available based on the current user_role of the current User. So if you are logged in as an Administrator it will use the wordpress-objects/user_administrator.php class when calling object->get_author();.

class user_administrator extends Clarkson_User {

Coding Standards

Further more, Rian Rietveld checked and corrected the whole plugin to comply with the WordPress Coding Standards!


  • You can now load a custom user object from a child-them. #106.
  • Made get_home_url, single_post_title, esc_html__, esc_html_x, esc_html_e, esc_attr_x, translate_nooped_plural, _nx_noop, _n_noop, _ngettext WordPress functions available from Twig template #87.
  • Add extra check if Clarkson_Core_Autoloader exists #111.
  • Custom template object #101.
  • Don’t use deprecated object creation internaly in Clarkson Core #91.
  • Return proper custom Term Object when custom taxonomy is defined with dashes #109.
  • Allows the theme to override object creation #131.

See all the closed issues on Github consult the list of changes.