Clarkson Theme is a modern set of tools to take WordPress theme development back to 21st century without losing touch with WordPress.

Twig based starter theme

Thanks to Clarkson Core

Clean theme folder

We try to keep the theme folder as clean as possible by:

  • Keeping all of the Twig template files in the templates directory.
    No need for extra single.php files.
  • Ignoring the generated assets from Gulp thanks to a dist and src workflow via Gulp.
  • Centralize all tooling code in one development folder.

Be free of CSS Frameworks

We didn’t want to include something like Bootstrap or another Framework.


Gulp compiles Less, checks for JavaScript errors, optimizes images, concatenates and minifies files. *


Keeping multiple browsers and devices synchronized, along with injecting updated CSS and JS in your browser. *

Currently Roots already uses an npm only setup, but this is up to you to swap this out. Because everybody already wants to use Yarn, right :)


Front-end package management that just installs the right versions of the packages you need and their dependencies. *


For the JSON file based asset pipeline. *

* Yupp, we borrowed the Gulp file of Sage. Thank you! Just go to the development folder where all the tooling files are.